Genesis School of Business

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Are you unsure of where to start? The Genesis School of Business can help you lay the framework for starting your very own successful business!


By Faith & Not by Sight

Taking charge of your calling can sound easier than it looks. Don’t be moved by what you see. Experts in marketing, promotion, product line placement as well as customer service can help remove the vail and make your vision plain. Build relationships with those who have come before you. Support and reach back to lift up those coming up behind you. With a little help from proven leaders in the ministry, your church can thrive..

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Road maps to increased revenues & growth

Being an entrepreneur in the current business climate can be rough. It can be scary to navigate the choppy waters of developing and succeeding in business. No matter what your industry, you are not alone. FCMI offers dynamic self-starters and proven veterans benefits such as relationship building, product enhancement, and marketing. You will blossom as a speaker, a leader, a teacher, and a mentor all while growing your business.

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Increase Revenue

Actionable steps to better your bottom line

Increase Knowledge

Increase in knowhow not just knowledge.

Gain Confidence

Pursue your passion confidently.

Fulfill your purpose

Maximize the gift in you and others.

Reaching Peak Potential...Your Story Matters!

FCMI Members From Nigeria

"FCMI provided us with tools that helped us to launch and excel our business."

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Marketplace Leaders

"FCMI has changed their life & ministry."

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Here to Serve

Actionable resources to help YOU reach peak potential.

Get the help you need to help propel you and your business or ministry forward .

Actionable Training

One on one or group training available via Genesis School of Business & the School of Ministry.

Impactful Live Events

Local & regional live events throughout the year.

Quality Resources

Webinars, online & offline training.

Online Accountability

Connect and network with like-minded business & ministry leaders.

"Recognize opportunity & use time wisely because time is the real currency of the earth."- Phillip Goudeaux

1How Can I get Involved to teach, train or mentor?

Sharing your knowledge and expertise can be a rewarding experience.

Contact FCMI leadership for an application to join our speaker’s bureau. Mentoring a colleague provides you the opportunity to support the next generation of leaders as well as grow your network. Contact FCMI leadership to discuss how to get connected to a person in need of your assistance.

2I am just getting started in ministry/business, how can membership benefit me?
Support and guidance is crucial in those first months in business or ministry. Having over 20 years of business, leadership, marketing, and customer service experience, the FCMI leadership and mentoring team can help you go from concept through completion of your plan to become a thriving and prosperous leader in your field.
3How much assistance can I actually expect to receive?
We are here to meet your needs. Relationships take time to develop and we will be there as long as you need us to be. We are able to help you create business plans, marketing schemes, events and much more. If you are already established we can help with ideas to grow and keep your business moving in a positive direction.